Coming out of Brunswick ga with confidence, determination and undeniable talent, a team of solid individuals who are also incredible musicians putting out quality music in the hip-hop community as well as other genres, new hustle recordings is a powerhouse in the southeast that’s expanding the culture adding more color to a world with limitless opportunities. Created in 2007 by Jeffery Harmon Jr (Cleo), Christopher Small (Stvllone) and later amalgamated with Tiney Mac Green III (Third), New Hustle Recordings has been putting out music for over 10yrs. The company has been professionally imprinted  since 2016. With a few project releases under the company’s belt, New Hustle is making their way to the top with releasing musical compositions like “Executive Problems” which displays their authentic style, both on track and camera, and “Undeniable” which was a recent release starring Cleo and Stvllone that displays Stvllone’s love for production and Cleo’s love for bars/rhymes. Compositions like “Dillard’s” and “Before All This” showcase Thirds love for melodies and all around music in general. Almost 100% of the music released by new hustle recordings is in house produced, with Stvllone being the master instrumentalist/beat maker and Cleo being the master engineer. But make no mistake, all three of these artist make beats, engineer, and write music.  This is what makes them a powerhouse! As we approach the future, new hustle recordings is looking to take their establishment to the top tier by continuing to releases timeless music with superior sounds and colorful visuals. New Hustle is also looking to add depth to their roster. New Hustle Association Club LLC, which are the sponsor and production team for New Hustle Recordings, is looking to add depth in its roster as well. Whether a composer or a graphic designer, New Hustle Recordings and New Hustle Association Club LLC is looking to welcome and work with individuals who can bring great things to the table followed by a impeccable work ethic, dope craftsmanship, and a ear & eye for music and detail. (We also provide in house services such as Mixing & Mastering of audio tracks for other artists outside of new hustle recordings and we offer overall full production services such as custom instrumentals, video photography, artist development and management.)



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